In order to offer you our services, we need to know some of your personal data. We respect your privacy, so we try to minimize the amount of this data to the most necessary and protect the data from misuse. Our work with personal data is fully subject to legal standards, in particular the Personal Data Protection Act (GDPR). 

1. PERSONAL DATA We must request the following data from you as a natural person customer when making a purchase: first and last name, full postal address, telephone number and e-mail address. These data are necessary to identify you, to communicate with you, to sell goods. If you are purchasing as a legal entity, we also need the address of the company's registered office, ID number and VAT number. 

2. INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR PURCHASES Data about your purchases in our online store are also confidential and subject to the same security rules as work with personal data. 

3. SUMMARY We protect all data that we obtain about you and your purchases from misuse, we do not provide it to anyone else (except for companies providing forwarding services, which receive the necessary minimum information about the customer needed for the smooth processing of a specific order). We reserve the right to use your data to send you information about discounts, news and other marketing activities. You have the right to notify us in writing at any time of any changes, additions, requests not to receive information or to delete all your personal data that you previously provided to us. 

4. YOUR CONSENT By using the ADEKA.CZ online store, you agree to the collection and use of personal data to the extent indicated and agree to the above rules.